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Architecture Exhibit Outlays Cities of the Future

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While Toronto’s built environment is an ever changing landscape, its eclectic mix of old and new architecture has created a strong sense of culture that is unique and innovative, and allows the city to remain one of the most livable in the world.

The Future of Architecture, an overnight exhibition led by the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), looks into the city’s future and explores different architectural visions as to how Toronto may evolve and transform in the coming years.

Beginning this week, the 12-hour exhibition, a part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche will showcase the visionary works of Canadian architects, who will display their thoughts and designs for the Toronto of tomorrow.

The exhibit will emphasize a new collaborative approach that is shifting the way that modern architects design and share information and ideas. The days of the ‘starchitect’ appear to be waning, and the Future of Architecture is expected to highlight the importance of communication and collaboration both between architects and with a wider public audience.

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“As an organization we (conduct) dialogue about the future and invest heavily in how our membership will be able to translate their training and practice into a better society and holistic vision for our cities and the globe,” said OAA president Sheena Sharp. “Engaging our membership in this exhibition at Nuit Blanche became a way we could also showcase this to the public.”

The future architectural vision espoused by the OAA will involve the development of library spaces as key hubs of information sharing, a simplification of planning and building approval processes, an emphasis on holistic design and the development of learning spaces that optimize collaboration and social interaction.

Adaptable landscapes, technological innovation and developments that work with, rather than against, the organic environment will also be a key element of urban planning concepts of the future.

While the future city concepts have been described by the OAA as Utopic, they are grounded in logic and feasibility, with many of these ideals – particularly those relating to collaboration and environmentalism – already infiltrating mainstream industry practices.

The exhibition will take place at the Design Exchange from 7 p.m. on Sept. 29th until 7 a.m. Sept. 30.

By Emily D’Alterio


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