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Using Design to Boost Retail

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In a market that is becoming ever more competitive with the growing prevalence of online shopping, brick-and-mortar retail stores must find new and innovative ways to drive business to their stores.

The interior design of a store can help bring in customers, with design choices complementing both products on display and the displays themselves, thereby boosting sales.

Hungary’s Sandor Gocsei + Enriko Korompay’s Capsula Multi Brand store demonstrates the ways in which a space can help turn a shopping experience into more of a lifestyle experience for shoppers.

The store’s décor includes curved walls, striking pillars and claw-shaped central light fixtures to emphasize both the masculine and the feminine.

Black, lacquered floors shine to the point where they are reflective, and contrast sharply with glossy white walls. This colour scheme matches the black and white clothing perfectly, with a single red cocktail dress providing further contrast.

In a departure from the typical retail displays, with racks spread throughout the store, racks holding the clothing and accessory displays are embedded in the walls themselves, leading to the impression that they are, in fact, part of the architecture.

retail wood frankfurt house interior design

Lighting emanates from within the walls and displays, further highlighting the contrasts in the store and creating a true sense of energy.

Even the change rooms fit the store’s design ethos, with padded walls and low ceilings creating an almost cocoon-like atmosphere.

While the store itself is an experience, the stark design puts the products front and centre as focal points. This follows the Gruen Transfer theory, which suggests spaces be designed in such a way as to promote greater spending.

Smart retailers follow these principles when designing stores, with the Capsula store standing out as a unique and effective example of the theory put into practice.

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