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Google Aims for Greenest Building

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Technology giant Google is set to build a new home that promises to be the world’s greenest building.

The new company headquarters – the ultimate Googleplex – will borrow from various Google offices around the world in its devotion to making the work space as worker-friendly as possible.

Due to be built in Mountain View, California, the new Google site will feature such perks as free catered lunches and snacks and on-site bicycles and scooters to help employees make their way to and from meetings throughout the 60,000 square metre site. Employees will also be able to benefit from on-site pet care, gym facilities, child care and recreational perks such as yoga sessions, games and wine tasting days.

The staff will also enjoy unparalleled health care and insurance.

google green building

The new headquarters will house a huge number of employees, with 2,500 to 3,000 new engineers and scientists slated to join the staff.

The site was designed primarily by German architecture firm Ingenhoven, who placed an emphasis on “autarkic geometry,” making the build completely self-sufficient. The firm said the complex was designed to cater to its users first and foremost.

“The building will be lively, fresh, simple and flexible and offer healthy, communicative and effective workplaces,” said the architects. “The architecture is an expression of the corporate culture and at the same time a model of sustainable architecture in the broadest sense surpassing the LEED Platinum Standards with its holistic concept”.

google worlds greenest building

Though Google was adamant in keeping details under wraps, the ambition to build the world’s greenest building speaks volumes about the design. Should their green aspirations hold true, the new headquarters will exceed the environmental-friendliness of the 1 Bligh Office Building in Sydney, Australia, the first high-rise to receive a 6 Green Star rating by that nation’s Green Building Council.

Construction on the new Google headquarters is slated to begin this year. With the plan to create the greenest, most worker-friendly site possible, it certainly ties in with the Google ethos, “Don’t Be Evil.”

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