Taking the LEED in Green Design

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The strength of an industry is in its standards. The higher the benchmark, the more successful and sophisticated the industry.

In this vein, Canada’s green building sector is showing its current and potential strength, increasing the implementation of commonly-accepted green standards and boasting a sector that is emerging as a world leader.

There has been a distinct jump in green ratings nationwide, with many designers and developers committing to a higher standard – a LEED platinum standard.

With this increasingly becoming a highly desirable – and valuable – certification for both developers and owners, high standards of green building throughout the country are becoming commonplace.

Reid’s Heritage Homes have set the bar higher than ever, becoming the first homebuilders to receive the Energy Star Building of the Year Award from the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources.

green appleThe award recognizes a national first in long-term green building potential.

This LEED potential is being further supported by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), which has recently released the game-changing performance program, GREEN UP, which will tackle the increasing issue of brown commercial buildings in the built sector.

According to the CaGBC, the annual greenhouse gas emissions from this $17.6 billion sector sits at around 65.3 million tonnes.

The GREEN UP program will further encourage energy efficiency and retrofitting of commercial space, creating an opportunity for further green investment in this incredibly lucrative sector.

Canada has a new standard of building. This standard is being readily met by the industry at large and promises to bring with it exponential value.

It is becoming more and more common for national consumers to highly value and accept LEED quality buildings. They appreciate the benefits and the raised bar that stands between a Gold and Platinum rating. We are dealing with consumers that are completely on board with green investment, understanding the opportunities and benefits it can offer them.

The bar has been raised. It is now up to the industry at large to meet it.

By Emily D’Alterio
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