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Driver Busted Going 134 Km/H in Construction Zone

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A driver in Saskatchewan has been arrested for driving at 134 km/h in a road construction zone with a limit of 60 km/h, media reports say.

Last weekend, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police pulled over a 42-year-old Regina man driving a black SUV who allegedly driving well over twice the speed limit through a zone where workers were in the process of replacing a bridge on Highway 16 not far outside Maidstone, according to CBNC news.

The man, who was arrested and had his vehicle impounded, will be required to appear before the Highway Traffic Board before being able to get his vehicle back.

The latest incident comes as the government of Saskatchewan ramps up efforts to protect workers following the death of 18-year-old Ashleigh Dawn Richards, who died in August while on duty as a flagsperson. She was hit from behind by an SUV that drove through the construction site while she was waving cars through.

Last month, the provincial government announced its intention to join forces with the police to conduct traffic enforcement blitzes in the province’s busiest construction zones.

Current laws in the province require motorists to observe limits of 60 km/h where Orange Zone signs are erected and construction workers are present. Fines for speeding start at $140 and increasing by $2 for every km/h over the limit between 60 km/h and 90 km/h. Drivers are fined an additional $4 for each extra km/h above 90.

The RCMP says the latest incident serves as a reminder to motorists about the need to slow down and observe speed limits whilst in construction work zones.

By Andrew Heaton
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