Canada Celebrates 1,000 LEED Projects

Canada Celebrates 1,000 LEED Projects

Canada has certified its 1,000th LEED Project, the Canada Green Building Council says.

Canada has surpassed a significant milestone with 1,000 projects certified through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

On May 21, the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) announced it had certified its 1,000th LEED project, placing the nation second behind the US in terms of certified green building numbers.

In a statement, the CaGBC says since the certification of the first project in 2005, the LEED Canada program has resulted in:

  • Energy savings of 1,600,321 megawatt hours, enough to power 54,307 homes for a year
  • A 312,006-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions – the equivalent of taking 58,980 cars off the road for a year
  • Water savings amounting to more than 3.3 billion litres
  • Recycling of more than 2 million tonnes of construction/demolition waste
  • The installation of 100,239 square metres of green roofs

While acknowledging the milestone, CaGBC president and CEO Thomas Mueller warns against complacency going forward.

Nova Scotia Waterfront Community College

Nova Scotia Community College – Waterfront Campus, Canada. Source: Ascribe

“I am very proud of how far we’ve come; it is a testament to the growth of the Canadian green building industry which has embraced LEED over the past decade,” said Mueller, who has held his current positions since 2005.

“But we cannot become complacent in the wake of the progress we have made. We need to strive to design buildings that are not only sustainable but regenerative, and make more inroads in the retrofit and operations of existing buildings to counteract the steady decline of ecosystem health worldwide.”

In its statement, the CaGBC paid tribute to a number of organisations have been pivotal in LEED’s success.

These include:

  • Enermodal Engineering, which has consulted on more than 200 LEED certified projects
  • Oxford Properties Group and First Capital Reality, which boast 29 building representing 18.8 million square feet and 23 properties representing 700,000 square feet of certified LEED space respectively
  • The cities of Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal – each of which have LEED Gold targets for new building stock
  • Nova Scotia Community College, which certified its Waterfront Campus in 2008 and recently received its third LEED certification.
By Andrew Heaton
Top Image: National Research Council Canada
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